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Welcome to Chirp Protect

Chirp is the affordable plug and play retail security system deployed by leading brands that works anywhere. Suitable for traditional Bricks & Mortar buildings as well as stores without a fixed perimeter.

Whether it is as a stand-alone solution, or in combination with EAS to provide a boosted level of protection, Chirp will add a new dimension of Retail Security to your store.

A Solution for Every Store Layout

Whether you have a traditional Bricks and Mortar business or you have a retail space without four walls, Chirp-Protect has you covered. 

We sell two Retail Security systems which work in very different ways, so we're confident we can protect your stock!

Chirp-Edge: for conventional Bricks and Mortar buildings with four walls and an exit.

Chirp-Zone: for scenarios where it's difficult to put EAS gates on the door - concession stores, kiosks or outdoor retailers.

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We're Exhibiting!

... at EuroShop 2023, Germany









Spanning several days in Dusseldorf, Chirp-Protect are jetting to Germany to showcase our latest security tags to a new audience (and hopefully some familiar faces!) and to discuss how Chirp-Protect can reduce theft and bolster security.

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If you have any questions about Chirp-Protect - how either system works or any of the products we provide - then please click one of the buttons below.