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gates, just proximity.

The affordable plug and protect retail
security tag system that works anywhere.

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Plug and Protect Security Tag Systems

icon chirp hub

1. Plug in the Hub

icon chirp tag

1. Add your Tags

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3. Set your Radius

Chirp is the affordable plug and protect retail security tag system deployed by leading brands. It can work anywhere, from a retail environment to trade stands, popup stores and exhibitions.

No need for gates or barriers, no expensive installation costs and no need to stress about the theft of your valuable stock items. All you need to do is plug in Chirp and it will offer the same protection as many other more expensive Retail Security Tag Systems on the market.


What is the Chirp EAS System?


  • A security hub emitting a wireless signal to a 5m radius
  • A set of tags which can be attached to your stock items
  • If a protected product moves outside the secure hub radius, an alarm is triggered
  • If the tag is tampered with, an alarm is triggered
  • Plug and Protect; no need for expensive set-up and store infrastructure
  • Link Chirp hubs to expand the protected area.

The benefits of chirp

Chirp Protect Security System

No Gates

Traditional Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems require expensive, fixed gates at every exit.
Chirp Protect Security System

Plug and Play

Chirp is easy to set up with minimal training. And the only wire required is the cable to power the central hub.
Chirp Protect Security System

Fully Mobile

Because it works on proximity to the hub, you can take and set up chirp anywhere - including outdoors!
Chirp Protect Security System

Modular System

You can daisy-chain multiple hubs together to easily create a larger zone or a series of zones
Chirp Protect Security System

Can't be Jammed!

The hub's constant contact with each tag means if the communication is stopped the tag will alarm!

Retailers who already use Chirp

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Chirp can work as a standalone solution or as a complement to existing EAS gates.

Simply place a Chirp tag on the products you want to protect - be it handbags, clothing, electronic devices - anything really!
trade show 2 sqr


Chirp is an excellent solution for exhibitors wanting to safeguard their products at a trade show.

You can set the radius of the Chirp hub so that your tagged products will beep if any item is taken too far away from your stand.

Perfect for a busy environment!
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A shop with different retail sections under one roof.

You can set the radius of the Chirp hub so that the products are protected inside your area only.
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Chirp can be set up in minutes anywhere, so it's perfect for protecting your stock in an outdoor environment where there is no entrance/exit and no option to install EAS gates.

Electronic Article Surveillance System (EAS)

Chirp is a new breed of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system. Because it's a much simpler product than many out there, we more commonly refer to it in simpler terms: as a Security Tagging System! However, it offers all the same benefits of the more expensive systems on the market, namely the costs associated with loss and theft prevention. What's more, it's just as accessible to implement whether you have one or 300 sites to protect, and whether you're protecting an existing property or launching a new site.

Unlike other EAS Systems, Chirp works off a hub, which will work as soon as it's plugged in. Multiple hubs can be easily linked to expand the area protected and the system is easily reset by staff through a remote handset.

Alternatively, the Chirp security tag system can protect distinct areas of your store, through varying the frequencies that your hub operates on. It's easy to implement but the big advantage is that different products can be safe in different, overlapping zones. It is a clever and flexible system.

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