Retail Security

Chirp Protect is perfect at protecting your inventory in places where traditional EAS solutions are feasible - and for places where they are not

Our plug-and-play systems can be set up in minutes in any location. There are a variety of Tags available, so whether you want to protect bags, luggage or electronic goods we've got you covered!

There are two systems available: Chirp-Edge works in the same way as conventional EAS gates whereas Chirp-Zone notifies you if something is taken too far away from you. The beauty of this is you approach is that you don't need physical walls for it to be effective.

Who Uses Chirp Protect?

Chirp Protect can protect products in a variety of environments
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Chirp can work as a standalone solution or as a complement to existing EAS gates. Simply place a Tag on each product you wish to protect - clothes, bags, electronic products - whatever you want to prevent from theft!
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A shop with different retail sections under one roof and no physical walls to separate them. Set up your Chirp system so it covers your retail area only.

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Chirp can be set up in minutes anywhere - including outside! Put a Tag on each of your products and know if someone tries to take a product too far away from your area.


We have been approached by clients to develop Tags to safeguard new types of product such as bottles and eyewear. Contact us if you have a specific use-case.

Founded in New York City in 2004, Tory Burch has redefined American luxury with a global point of view. The company’s purpose is to empower women and women entrepreneurs.

“Since being a tenant of Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store, we couldn't find anything in terms of loss prevention. Among Tory Burch stores nationwide, there were many shoplifting incidents, and so headquarters was looking for a crime prevention product.

With our store it is difficult to install a gate because the frontage is wide and products are placed to the very limit of the aisle. We were keen to take advantage of the characteristics of Chirp...
A trial introduction was carried out from November last year, and shoplifting was carried out even during the busy season. The decisive factor was that the loss was suppressed to 0 once this was introduced. In addition, the point that it can be installed without damaging the store layout is that it is a high class store.”

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