Primary Uses

Our Chirp-Protect security systems can be used in two key industries - Retail Security (protecting products in shops) and Asset Protection (safeguarding equipment)


Chirp-Protect can be set up to work in a similar way to traditional EAS antennae. Tag your products and be notified if they're being taken out of your store
Luxury handbags

Retail Store

Our Tags are perfect to protect bags and clothing within standard retail spaces in similar way to normal EAS solutions
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Department Stores

It's traditionally difficult to protect items in a store within a store. Chirp can help with this.
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Outdoor Event

Chirp can be powered using a battery pack which makes it ideal for outdoor events. Retail security on the fly!


Chirp-Protect is also a brilliant solution for environments where you want to safeguard equipment but you wouldn't typically install EAS systems

AP hospitals


Protecting IT and specialist healthcare equipment in hospitals and the health service
AP warehouse


Safeguarding corporate warehouse equipment - scanners, tablets etc
ap school


Protecting organisation laptops and tablets from theft within schools and education facilities
ap art

Museums & Art Galleries

Preventing loan iPods and iPads being removed from the premises