An Overview of Chirp

Chirp Protect is a fresh approach to retail security. It combines a 14cm x 14cm sized hub with a series of Tags which you attach to the products you wish to protect. If a product is taken from your store - or to an area you don't want it to be -  then a high-pitched alarm is sounded. Unusually, the alarm is in the tag itself and so draws attention to the product that's being moved.

There are two different setups in our range - Chirp-Edge and Chirp-Zone - and the right one will depend upon your business's physical setup. The benefit of Chirp is that it is just as happy being used in conjunction with traditional EAS products as it is being deployed as a standalone solution.


  • Traditional bricks and mortar building?

  • Conventional walls and entrances/exits?

    If so, then Chirp-Edge is probably the right solution for you! It works in a similar way to regular EAS antenna systems... 

    However, rather than being bolted into the floor, these hubs can be located above or either side of the opening. Much more discreet!

    If triggered the tag will continue to alarm until it is deactivated by a remote control. 


    • Store within a store e.g. Concession Store?

    • Popup shop or no conventional walled layout?

      If you're not in a building with four walls then no EAS system on the market will work... until now! Chirp-Zone creates a wireless zone to protect each of your products that you tag. The coverage is up to 5m radius per hub and you can simply add more hubs to form a larger zone. Each hub will support an unlimited number of tags.

      Chirp-Zone is a true plug-and-play security system which only requires mains 220/240v power to operate. This makes it ideal for Concession stores, trade shows, kiosks, and even outside events. It is also just as effective in standard stores too.