How Chirp Works

Hub and Tags

At the centre of the system is a hub. The hub omits a wireless signal with a radius of up to 8m. 

Each tag works independently within the system. If the motion detector within the tag is triggered it sends out a signal to the hub. If it can’t find the hub then the alarm within the tag is triggered.

The tag continues to try and communicate with the hub even when it is triggered. If the tag finds the hub (in other words if the tag is returned within range of the hub) then the alarm is deactivated.

Know when things stray too far!

Create a Network of Zones

You can configure multiple chirp hubs to create a network of zones protecting your goods. It takes minutes to setup and can be done any time, any place.

The hubs and tags can operate on different frequencies too, so different tagged products can be safe in different, overlapping zones! It is a clever and flexible system.

The ITS Box

The ITS box opens up the Chirp system to a limitless number of additional functions. This clever box of tricks is programmed to detect the alarm omitted from a tag.

The ITS box is programmed to detect the exact alarm signal omitted from the tag.  This then creates a trigger signal. This trigger signal can then be used to perform a multitude of functions. Here are some of those possibilities: