Security for conventional Bricks and Mortar

What is Chirp-Edge?


Chirp-Edge uses a similar approach to conventional EAS systems. The setup is a 14cm x 14cm Hub working in tandem with a series of Tags. But in opposite fashion to Chirp-Zone, the key difference with Chirp-Edge is that a Tag will alarm if it is taken too close to the Hub. So in practical terms you position the hub at an exit, and if a tagged product is taken too close to the exit then it will alarm until deactivation.

The wireless nature of this technology means that products can be picked up, inspected, even tried on but, importantly, kept safe within your four walls.

You can use Chirp-Edge in any Bricks and Mortar building with an entrance/exit and choose at which exact point the Tags alarm.

What would my setup look like?


Due to its simplicity, Chirp-Edge is ideal for any walled shop with an exit, regardless of size. You can easily protect your products whether you have a single entrance, multiple entrances or an open fronted store.

More recently we've seen an additional requirement for businesses looking to prevent products being taken into particular areas such as a café, outdoor garden space or toilets. Chirp-Edge easily achieves this.

The Benefits of Chirp-Edge

No Gates 150

No Gates

Traditional EAS systems require permanently fixed gates floor mounted at every exit but Chirp-Edge is a breeze to install and can be ceiling-mounted out of sight.
Plug and Play 150

Plug and Play

Chirp-Edge is easy to set up with minimal training. And the only wire required is the cable to power the central hub.
Not just Exits 150

Not Just Exits!

The main function of Chirp-Edge is to stop products being removed from store. But it can also stop products being taken to areas you don't want (toilets, cafes, garden centre)
Store in Store 150

Store Within a Store

Chirp-Edge is perfect for concessions where you want to keep products inside a smaller store that's within a large building.

The 3 Key Components

The Hub

The Hub is the heartbeat of the system, using RF to communicate with each of the tags in your setup.

You can set it up in minutes any time, any place. You can even use multiple hubs together to extend the range by creating a web.

The Hub measures approx. 14cm x 14cm and casts a wireless zone of up to 5 metres.

The Tags

Our main tag is a Lanyard style which loops around the product you wish to protect. We offer varying lengths of cables as optional accessories and we are developing new tag varieties. We also supply a Surface tag which you stick to a product, engaging a pressure switch and also a Wrap tag that you, well, wrap around a product.

With the Chirp-Edge system, if a Tag is taken too close to the Hub then an alarm will sound in the Tag until you deactivate it using the Remote.

The Control System

There are two parts to the control system - the Remote and the Remote Resetter.

The Remote activates and deactivate each tag. It only stays active for 24 hours before needing reactivating to combat loss/theft.

The Remote Resetter is used to reactivate each remote control at the start of each day.

The Starter Pack

To get you started we've created a Starter Pack that contains all you need to get set up and begin protecting a minimum of 25 products.

The Starter Pack contains:

  • 1x Chirp-Edge Hub

  • 25x Lanyard Tags

  • 1x Remote Control and 1x Resetter

If you need to protect more products or cover multiple exits then please contact us to discuss your requirements.